Rugby World Cup 2019 Match Schedule & Fixtures

Rugby World Cup 2019 Match Schedule & Fixtures: The most prestigious Rugby sports event is Rugby World Cup which is holding on 20th September 2019 in Japan. 20 international teams will play this tournament this year.

After the opening ceremony of this RWC 2019, the first match will play between Japan vs Russia on that day. This match will start at 19:45 (Japan Standard Time) at Tokyo Stadium.

Here I posted of this tournament’s match schedule with date, time and venue also. So have a look and enjoy watching all the matches with your friends and family.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Match Schedule & Fixtures

Date Match Time (JST) Stadium
Sept. 20 Opening Ceremony 18:30 Tokyo Stadium
Sept. 20 Japan vs. Russia 19:45 Tokyo Stadium
Sept. 21 Australia vs. Fiji 13:45 Sapporo Dome
Sept. 21 France vs. Argentina 16:15 Tokyo Stadium
Sept. 21 New Zealand vs. South Africa 18:45 International Stadium Yokohama
Sept. 22 Italy vs. Namibia 14:15 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
Sept. 22 Ireland vs. Scotland 16:45 International Stadium Yokohama
Sept. 22 England vs. Tonga 19:15 Sapporo Dome
Sept. 23 Wales vs. Georgia 19:15 City of Toyota Stadium
Sept. 24 Russia vs. Samoa 19:15 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
Sept. 25 Fiji vs. Uruguay 14:15 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Sept. 26 Italy vs. Canada 16:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
Sept. 26 England vs. United States 19:45 Kobe Misaki Stadium
Sept. 28 Argentina vs. Tonga 13:45 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
Sept. 28 Japan vs. Ireland 16:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Sept. 28 South Africa vs. Namibia 18:45 City of Toyota Stadium
Sept. 29 Georgia vs. Uruguay 14:15 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
Sept. 29 Australia vs. Wales 16:45 Tokyo Stadium
Sept. 30 Scotland vs. Samoa 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
Oct. 2 France vs. United States 16:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
Oct. 2 New Zealand vs. Canada 19:15 Oita Stadium
Oct. 3 Georgia vs. Fiji 14:15 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
Oct. 3 Ireland vs. Russia 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
Oct. 4 South Africa vs. Italy 18:45 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Oct. 5 Australia vs. Uruguay 14:15 Oita Stadium
Oct. 5 England vs. Argentina 17:00 Tokyo Stadium
Oct 5 Japan vs. Samoa 19:30 City of Toyota Stadium
Oct. 6 New Zealand vs. Namibia 13:45 Tokyo Stadium
Oct. 6 France vs. Tonga 16:45 Kumamoto Stadium
Oct. 8 South Africa vs. Canada 19:15 Kobe Misaki Stadium
Oct. 9 Argentina vs. United States 13:45 Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
Oct. 9 Scotland vs. Russia 16:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Oct. 9 Wales vs. Fiji 18:45 Oita Stadium
Oct. 11 Australia vs. Georgia 19:15 Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
Oct. 12 New Zealand vs. Italy 13:45 City of Toyota Stadium
Oct. 12 England vs. France 17:15 International Stadium Yokohama
Oct 12 Ireland vs. Samoa 19:45 Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
Oct. 13 Namibia vs. Canada 12:15 Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Oct. 13 United States vs. Tonga 14:45 Hanazono Rugby Stadium
Oct. 13 Wales vs. Uruguay 17:15 Kumamoto Stadium
Oct. 13 Japan vs. Scotland 19:45 International Stadium Yokohama
Oct. 19 QF1: W Pool C vs. RU Pool D 16:15 Oita Stadium
Oct. 19 QF2: W Pool B vs. RU Pool A 19:15 Tokyo Stadium
Oct. 20 QF3: W Pool D vs. RU Pool C 16:15 Oita Stadium
Oct. 20 QF4: W Pool A vs. RU Pool B 19:15 Tokyo Stadium
Oct. 26 SF1: W QF1 vs. W QF2 17:00 International Stadium Yokohama
Oct. 27 SF2: W QF3 vs. W QF4 18:00 International Stadium Yokohama
Nov. 1 Bronze final 18:00 Tokyo Stadium
Nov. 2 Final 18:00 International Stadium Yokohama

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